* Equipment and Parts Sales Disclaimer

The advertised equipment price is general information only and may be subject to change without prior notice and is based on the equipment availability. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

The equipment/parts price component does not include freight unless otherwise stated, this price will be determined when a quote is processed and emailed and is dependent on the delivery location within Australia. Whilst this offer was relevant at the time of the insertion of this advertisement, Access Service Group Australia is unable to guarantee its availability at the time of the quote, however all attempts will be made to keep information current.

Terms & Conditions and exclusions apply.

All Access Service Group equipment complies with the Australia standards 2550.10 regulations, with routine inspections carried out every 90 days as well as annual inspections on all used equipment for sale. If the equipment is over 10 years of age Access have completed a major inspection to ensure it is still safe and in perfect working order.

Trade Ins are available based on the full mechanical assessment and inspection from an Access Service Group Auto Technician to determine the quality of the equipment for trade-in purposes. Discount to the new equipment discussed and confirmed once assessment/inspection is made

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