Our repaint capabilities can be completed in conjunction with any of our services such as a 10 year major inspection to make your machine look and work like new again, saving you time and money in the long run.

Transform your machine to look new again with Access Services. Accidents and general wear and tear are always going to happen, which can cause unsightly marks on your machine. These can be easily fixed by our experienced paint team who can transform machines back to their original state. We can colour match back to its original colour to keep your fleet look uniform while maintaining your company branding or we can cover the original paint work with any colour you desire.

  • ███ Genie repaint in Genie blue
  • ███ Merlo repaint in Merlo green
  • ███ Nifty repaint in Nifty green
  • ███ Haulotte repaint in Haulotte yellow
  • ███ JCB repaint in JCL yellow
  • ███ CAT repaint in CAT yellow
  • ███ JLG repaint in JLG orange
  • ███ Toyota repaint in Toyota orange
  • ███ Snorkel repaint in Snorkel orange
  • ███ Kalmar repaint in Kalmar red
  • ███ Hinowa repaint in Hinowa red
  • ███ uN repaint in uN olive
  • Or custom colour repaint

Or custom colour repaint
Our repaint services are available at 2 locations, Perth and Adelaide. At both locations, we have fully customised preparation areas and paint shops to complete our services to the highest standard possible. Our large team and space allows us to provide you with fast turn around, to get your machine looking brand new and back to work quicker. To complete the paint job, we can also provide full decal safety kits to sticker your machines to industry standards after a repaint.

Compared to other paint services, we are competitively priced, giving you the best service at the best price. We have an experienced paint team that will make your machines look shiny new for years to come, ensuring your money is well spent.

To provide the complete solution, Access Services can utilise their transport division to relocate your machines to the nearest paint facilities to make your machine look new again with no trouble.

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